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Welcome to Christ's community of followers here at St. John's. We've been in Walhalla and Oconee County since 1853. Whether you're a seasoned disciple or just starting out, followers of Jesus need a church community in which to flourish and grow. Even with all our collective warts and shortcomings, Jesus insists upon calling groups into ministry together through his grace. In Holy Communion, the body of Christ is always given "for y'all" (in the plural) and never for individuals on a solitary path. A congregation worth its salt is one where members learn about Jesus and his unusual, subversive, life-giving call upon our lives. This is a process that is never finished for any of us. You are welcome here regardless of past mistakes you've made, theological questions you bring, or personal suspicions you might have about the word "church." Join us for worship, study, and service in the name of the One who makes all things new.

St. John's mission:

We are called and empowered by God to spread the Gospel

and to share the love of Jesus Christ in service to all.

News & Updates:

  • Readings for Sunday, July 2nd:                        First Reading        Jeremiah 28: 5-9

    Through a symbolic action, Jeremiah insisted that Judah and all the surrounding nations should submit to the king of Babylon. Hananiah contradicted Jeremiah, who in reply insisted that Hananiah’s rosy prediction should not be believed until it came true. God confirmed the word of Jeremiah and sentenced the false prophet Hananiah to death (vv. 16-17).

    Psalm  89: 1-4, 15-18  

    Second Reading      Romans 6:  12-23

    Sin is an enslaving power that motivates us to live self-serving, disobedient lives. Sin’s final payoff is death. We, however, have been set free from sin’s slavery to live obediently under God’s grace, whose end is the free gift of eternal life.

    The Gospel              Matthew 10: 40-42

    When Jesus sends his disciples out as missionaries, he warns them of persecution and hardships they will face. He also promises to reward any who aid his followers and support their ministry.                               
  • 2016-17 Sunday School classes - 9am.
  • Worship assistant schedule: July-Sept.2017
  • It's time for the Good Soil Produce Patch! Bring in excess veggies/fruit/flowers from your garden. If you like it, bag it and take it! All excess will be given to Lakeview Assisted Living.
  • Registration is now open for the 2017-18 school year for St. John's Preschool
  • St. John's 2016 Ministry Guide.

Pastor Dan with his son, Eli

St. John's welcomes Pastor Dan Kirkpatrick who will lead worship on June 25th and July 2nd. 

Pastor Dan is the Manager of Spiritual Care at Bon Secours St. Francis in Greenville where he has served since 2002.


2017 is the 500th anniversary 

of the Reformation!

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