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In December, St. John’s will give you the opportunity to give a holiday gift that keeps on giving. We will be hosting a “Fair Trade Christmas Market.” You will have the opportunity to shop at our boutique and purchase handcraft items made by master artisans around the world. These unique gifts will be treasured by those who receive them. Your purchase gives the gift of income to help support the family of each artisan.

Each item is handmade with a story: “Fair Trade creates change, the kind of change that empowers women and children. Laxmi Meharjan excelled at weaving as a young girl. Her weavings were sold, but she never saw any of the money. All her earning went to her father and later to her husband. That all changed when Laxmi began working with SERRV’s partner in Nepal, India. For the first time in her life, she was able to take back her earnings into her own hands. She used her income to put her daughter Sudha through school. Sudha earned her master’s degree in social work. That is real change for future generations.”

SERRV is a nonprofit organization with a 60+ year commitment to fair trade. They ensure that the artisans are treated fairly and with the respect they deserve. A portion of the proceeds are donated back to our Advent Giving ministry for 2022. Some of you may remember the sale we had more than 10 years ago. This year we will be opening our sale to the community. Please bring your friends and neighbors. Spread the word.

 We will be searching for volunteers to help with the sale. Risse Snelgrove has extensive background with SERRV sales and will be using her expertise to guide us.

The dates and times are:

* Friday, December 2nd from 10am-7pm (private sale for St. John’s Members)

* Saturday, December 3rd from 10am-7pm (open during the Walhalla Christmas Parade)

* Sunday, December 4th from 10am-1pm (private sale for St. John’s Members)

* Friday, December 9th from 6pm-9pm

* Saturday, December 10th from 12 noon-7pm (open during the Walhalla Tour of Churches)

* Sunday, December 11th from 10am-1pm private sale for St. John’s Members)

 So Wait… Don’t holiday shop yet!!! Not until after you have visited the “St. John’s Fair Trade Christmas Market”!


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