St. John’s Preschool

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St. John’s Preschool offers a half day program (8am -noon) which coincides with the school calendar for School District of Oconee County (August-May). We employ a faith-based curriculum called “Walk With Me”* along with art, music, chapel and a healthy dose of social interaction through center-based and outdoor play. Each classroom has a daily schedule of activities and each day your child will be actively involved in sharing, expressing ideas, growing and developing.

We are focused on the future!

The mission of St. John’s Lutheran Preschool is to provide a nurturing educational environment conducive to meeting each child’s unique needs for spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical development.

We believe that it “takes a village” to raise and nurture children as demonstrated by family involvement being encouraged in the educational process.

We believe that children learn through play and interaction as demonstrated by classrooms and activities that encourage interaction and social skill development.

As a Christian preschool, we use a faith-based educational curriculum and approach to help each child develop a strong self-image and prepare them to excel as they enter elementary school.

You can reach us via the “Contact” menu at the top this page and we are active on Facebook.

Meet Our Preschool Staff

  • Ms. Judi Matalik Preschool Director

    Judi began as Director of St. John’s Preschool in July of 2018 after teaching

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  • Ms. Tammy Spearman Teacher

    Tammy has taught at St. John’s since 2003.  She has taught both 3 and 4-year old classes

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  • Ms. Brianna Teacher

    Brianna began working at St. John’s in the fall of 2018

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  • Ms. Torrie Thomas Teacher

    Torrie has been a teacher here at St John’s preschool since 2013…

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  • Ms. Leighann Sherman Teacher

    Leighann has worked with the 2’s and 3’s at St. John’s Preschool since 2016…

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